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Client Update - Coronavirus - 27th March 2020

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

It has been quite a change in just a week. The dithering of Central Banks and governments appears near an end and we now have a road map for the next few months. Businesses and workers will be supported, as will financial markets, by a stimulus of gigantic proportions.

As almost 20% of the world’s population is now in lockdown, it is interesting to see that for the fourth day in a row the European epicentre of the disease, Italy, has recorded cases lower than their peak level of 21st March. Amongst the major nations reporting cases the same appears true for Switzerland, Austria, Germany and Australia.

Fiscal packages of varying magnitude are being urgently discussed/implemented around the globe. The whole world is vowing to emulate the truthful words from the former President of the ECB in his momentous speech in 2012 with regard to the Euro crisis. “We are ready to do whatever it takes …. and believe me, it will be enough”. He was proved right.

Despite this pause for breath and market rise, the actual virus has started taking hold here in the UK and the next few weeks promise to be difficult. We have all now fully settled into remote working practices and next week we will be rolling out new e-signature software to our clients. Difficult times inspire us all to rise to the occasion. This was no more evident than last night at 8pm when millions of people around the country joined in the applause for our carers and healthcare services. Together as a nation, we will get through this.

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