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Adapting to Changing



We provide ‘whole of market’ Independent Financial Advice, specialising in wealth management. This means that we are not tied to particular providers of products but are able to look across the whole market, in order to select one that best suits a client’s individual circumstances.

The secret to successful investing is striking a balancing between risk and reward. Our work is not only about striking this balance, but also managing investments as a client’s circumstances and the financial markets change over time.

The first step in this process is to clearly identify a client’s risk profile, circumstances and goals. Our investment advice is then based on this information.

We undertake extensive work to ensure any funds we invest in match our view of the markets and perform as we would expect.

As clients move through their life, their risk profile can change and the markets that they invest in will fluctuate – thus a structured review process is vital.

We believe that client expectations should be realistic and attainable; we maintain regular contact with clients and will always be open and transparent in our recommendations and fees.

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We are a team of highly experienced Independent Financial Advisers with over 25 years' industry experience and a proven track record of providing a successful investment experience to a wealth of clients across the UK.

From early beginnings with University Medical General in 1983, the Kellands Group was formed in 1990. Following a period of sustained growth, our current company evolved first as Kellands (Minehead) Ltd, and then Kellands Chetwood Ltd after the acquisition of Chetwood Financial Management in Wellington, Somerset.

Our presence in the South West of England was further strengthened by the purchase of the financial services arm of Plympton-based Kelly Jenkins De Mel in 2007. In 2010 we moved to larger premises in Wellington which have been refurbished to provide easy access for our clients and a dynamic office environment with the client facilities that one would expect from an independent firm fully committed to an investment orientated service.


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Our Core Values

Our values define how we run our business and how we treat you as a client.

People Focussed

We take time to build strong, personal relationships with clients, colleagues and business partners to make sure we fully understand their needs and objectives.  We always aim to provide high-quality, clear and value-added advice.  We do not over complicate, include unnecessary jargon or sit on the fence when our clients need guidance.


Here for You

We are conscientious, easy to get hold of and responsive to our clients’ needs.  We don’t believe in automated web chat and helplines.  We take pride in the fact that there will always be a team member ready to assist you.



We are problem solvers.  We work hard to provide our clients with high quality financial planning and advice.  We encourage resourcefulness and progression for our staff and actively seek out the best outcomes. We work together to develop innovative solutions and recommendations.



We are honest, transparent and trustworthy in our dealings with clients, colleagues and business partners.  We honour our commitments because integrity is important to us.


Friendly & Approachable

We treat people with respect and courtesy and are committed to building an open and supportive environment.  We work together as a team to get better results.

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As an independent practice, we offer various remuneration methods to suit you. 

Whatever fee option you decide suits you best, we will ensure you understand exactly what you are paying for the advice you receive, and any ongoing service charges.

Specific charges are dealt with in our client service agreement and you will receive a copy at your first meeting or on request – whichever comes first. 

Before we begin any work, we will confirm, in writing, the rate we charge. We will also tell you if you have to pay VAT.

If you prefer, you may ask us not to exceed a given amount without checking with you first.

If you would like to know more about our fee options, please contact us on 01823 666809.


Traditionally, financial management companies have been transactional-led, meaning that they have a significant input in the early stages of product selection and purchase, but have less client contact beyond this point. Our approach is different.

At Chetwood Wealth Management Ltd our main proposition concentrates on managing clients’ portfolios. We refer to these clients as 'active' portfolio clients. Unlike the traditional approach, this involves taking an active role in the management of the portfolio, monitoring changes in the global financial markets and ensuring investments continue to meet a client’s objectives. This approach allows us to spend more time ensuring clients are happy and that their investments are working for them.

Our 'active' portfolio clients can expect:

every 3 months

quarterly newsletters, ensuring clients understand how we manage their money and the impact of the current economic      environment

ensuring we understand and develop client’s goals and share information according to their investment experience


being transparent about fee options and the services clients will receive for their fee


Clients will sometimes approach us with a specific requirement or for one-off advice and so will not require our 'active' management service. Whether you require specific advice, our 'active' service or one of our additional services, you can be assured of the highest quality of care and attention at all times.

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"I have been delighted to receive your newsletters over the recent months and to have an opportunity to see what is progressing in the world of investments. This is useful as a way of charting the progress of my own portfolio, but also to catch up on the wider trends of the global market. We seem to be bombarded with advice from all quarters in the news media, so it is refreshing and reassuring to know that we have our own newsletter with its independent review of what is actually going on. Keep up the good work Chetwood WM."

—  Mr H, Devon

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Chetwood Wealth Management 
60 High Street
TA21 8RD


Tel: 01823 666 809
Fax: 01823 666 552

For any general inquiries, please fill in the following contact form:

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