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Client Update - Coronavirus

As a company we have decided to put in place measures to reduce risks to clients and staff. For the moment, we have decided it is sensible not to provide a face to face client meeting for the time being, instead offering a review / advice over the phone and via the post / secure email. This is a temporary measure to try and help control any future spread of Coronavirus. As our consultants travel around much of the country and see many different people each week, we feel this is a sensible precautionary measure to mitigate risks to clients.

We are making full use of remote working to minimise any risk of the virus entering our workplace and we feel we are now robustly positioned to look after your finances through this period. The same process will be followed with our investment team, who are working tirelessly on your behalf in managing your portfolio through this spike in market volatility. As in my previous letter, we do believe that when this health scare passes long term equity investors will be rewarded for their patience and fortitude.

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